Indoor location detection for mobile apps

What are iBeacons?

‘iBeacons’ (or just ‘beacons’) are small Bluetooth powered devices that communicate with iPhones, iPads and the latest Android devices giving apps the ability to sense their surroundings at a much finer level of detail than was previously possible.

Real world context

Mobile apps can sense how far they are from one or more of these beacons, giving them the ability to detect their location in an indoor environment - something not possible with GPS. Additionally, applications can ask to be alerted when a user comes into range of a certain beacon, opening up a world of possibilities for apps that react to their environment, and even environments that react to apps.

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iBeacons in use

Imagine a retail store that detects a person has been standing around a certain section of the store for a certain amount of time, and sends them a notification with information on the item, or alerts a staff member to provide assistance.

Market leaders around the world are realising the game-changing potential of this new technology

Automatically open an e-ticket when the customer approaches the gate


Interactive exhibits, toys and advertisements

Alert customers of special offers when they walk by your store, or near a certain product

Capture data on time spent in certain locations

Indoor maps & navigation

Inventory & asset management

Luggage and cargo tracking

Notify retailers when loyal customers arrive in store

Accept digital payments for items when a customer walks up to the cash register

Physical security authentication

Virtual leash to detect when animals leave a certain area

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