Our Core Principles

Envoy was founded on the basis of the principles below. These principles guide us through the way we work with our customers, recruit our staff, and run our business.

Agile Development

We are open and transparent in our planning and in our work. We structure ourselves to encourage rapid feedback on all levels. This is how we learn and improve.


Life's too short for bad software. We believe in doing it right the first time, every time and have rigorous practices in place to ensure it. Read more about our quality guarantee.


The IT industry is about change. We consistently challenge ourselves to find smarter, simpler, more effective and efficient ways of doing things for ourselves and our customers.


Satisfaction comes from seeing our work solve real problems. We never stop learning about our customers, their businesses, their industries, and new technologies so we can do work that matters, not work that is easy.

Great software is built on these principles

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