Web Applications

Envoy are web development experts.

Envoy specialises in building applications for the web. We've had experience from static websites through to complex online transaction and ecommerce systems serving thousands of customers all at once.

  • Highly scalable public web sites
  • Transactional and ecommerce sites
  • Rich, modern, fast interfaces optimised for ease of use and conversions (making sales)
  • Custom built for your unique business needs

ARGO - Online Travel Booking Platform

ARGO, in its purest form, is an online travel-booking platform that can be “branded” as yours, through which you can offer cost effective air travel to your customers, associates and staff.

At its most powerful, ARGO has the ability to ‘reshape’ the online travel market, by providing your customers world-class travel benefits without the associated fees.

This is a ‘value add’ to your core business, designed to further enhance your brand appeal through a transparent, honest and easily verifiable value proposition that has global application.

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