Envoy are Xamarin Consulting Partners

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a development platform that facilitates the creation of high quality 'native' mobile applications whilst sharing code between iOS and Android platforms.

Unlike traditional mobile application development methodologies, which require each mobile app to be written twice, Xamarin provides the facility to share common code between the two platforms (iPhone/iPad and Android).

Xamarin enables code re-use whilst still giving developers full control of the user experience on each device. Anything you can do on a standard iOS or Android application can also be done in Xamarin.

Find out more about Xamarin and the businesses that build their applications on the platform here.

Xamarin promotes shared application logic across navtive UIs

Why use Xamarin?

Cost and Time Efficient

Developers avoid duplication by sharing code through Xamarin, which results in significant cost savings. This also allows for a faster time-to-market for new ventures.

Best User Interface for Both Platforms

While there are alternative cross-platform app development options, including 'PhoneGap' applications (which are websites contained within an app), Xamarin has the advantage of providing the best user interface for each individual platform - instead of the lowest common denominator.


Users on an iPhone or Android device can interact with your app in the way they have grown accustomed to on that platform. This makes your application easier to learn, which can significantly increase popularity.

Envoy are Xamarin Experts

Xamarin Authorized Consulting PartnerEnvoy is a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner, with expertise in delivering cross-platform mobile applications that provide a native user experience at a lower cost than traditional app development methods.

We recommend Xamarin as an ideal approach to mobile app development where a high quality user experience is desired.

We are proud to sponsor the Xamarin-focused Sydney Mobile .NET Developers Meetup, which meets once a month at our office in North Sydney.

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